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Nusa Penida Island In Bali: Travel Guide & How To Visit

The beautiful, fantastic Nusa Penida islet lies just 25 kilometers from Bali, the most notorious sightseer destination in Indonesia. Nusa Penida is a much lower islet than Bali, but it has some of the most amazing decor in the entire Bali fiefdom( which it’s part of). We ’ve visited Penida further than a dozen times over the times, but it noway gets old. This islet is surely one of the most beautiful places to visit in Indonesia. The islet can be visited on a day trip from Bali( same day return), but I suppose it’s better to stay and spend at least a many days sightseeing. There are so numerous good print spots, hikes, and other effects to do in Nusa Penida! This trip blog will explain what to do in Nusa Penida, how to get there, where to stay, stylish transport options and stint packages, and some of the top sights to see. I ’ve also included a handy Nusa Penida islet chart for trip planning! Contents 1) Where To Stay In Nusa Penida 2) Nusa Penida Day Tour Packages

Nusa Penida Day Tour Packages

First of all, if you’re on a tight schedule or want to skip the extra steps involved in arranging your own trip to Nusa Penida, GetYourGuide has prearranged day trips to Penida, complete with hotel transfer, fast boat tickets, island tour, and same day return to Bali.

These tours visit some of the top sights in Nusa Penida island, including Kelingking Beach, Broken Bay, and more. We’ve used GetYourGuide for lots of day tours and activities around the world, and they’re great! Highly recommended.

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